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In Concord, DIRECTV is synonymous with great satellite TV

Whether you live in Concord or another Bay Area enclave – San Francisco, Oakland or maybe Foster City – you have reason to celebrate every day. With DIRECTV, your downtime with your family gets the lift it deserves with superior satellite TV. Get the channels you’ve always wanted, the service you never seemed to be able to demand and the technology your inner geek will relish.

You’ll find shows for the family, as well as programming for the sports buff, the newshound, the indie film fanatic, the home-improvement guru, and much, much more. That kind of variety just isn’t possible with any other satellite TV service. Be ahead of the pack and see what you’ve been missing.

Browse lazily through DIRECTV’s amazing catalog of movies and TV shows – all contained within more than 280 channels – or pick and choose the channels you want so you can focus on the handful of shows you truly love. The choice is yours.

Call a representative right now to find out what it can offer you in terms of packages, channels and exclusive content.

Why calling DIRECTV now will give you the edge in satellite TV

Whether you live in Concord or anywhere in California, DIRECTV has what you’re looking for in advanced but user-friendly satellite TV. Enjoy dozens of channels catering to any taste or whim – and DIRECTV is 100 percent digital. Welcome to the 21st century edition of home entertainment.

With more than 170 channels that are high-definition powerhouses around the clock, you’ll see every blade of grass in 1080p resolution, the same high quality as Blu-Ray. Listen to every musical note, every whisper, in Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround sound. And the real beauty is in the customer service that DIRECTV brings you. Your satisfaction is paramount, and DIRECTV makes that clear from the moment you come on the line.

Call an authorized representative to see how you can get that edge in satellite TV. You’ll be the envy of your friends around the Bay Area, the most popular game-day destination and the most tech-savvy movie buff at your office. It all starts today.

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